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Inaugurated in 1994, the Museum of the Mujahid in El-Tarf represents the memory of the regions of the extreme east of the country, particularly the one relating to the struggle for national liberation armed with high feats of arms.

The National Archaeological Museum of Tebessa, which was approved three years ago to enhance the archaeological heritage of the wilaya, remains unused today, regret the members of the local association “Minerve” for the protection of cultural heritage.

Roman theatre– Small in size, because created when the city was refounded as base for the Legio III Augusta.

The Roman amphitheater of Tebessa– To visit the amphitheater, you take the street of the gate Solomon towards the aqueduct and you cross the current covered market. Towards the south, an alley leads straight to the monument. It is built in a widening of the valley next to the ruin “Zaârour”.

Temple of Minerva (early 3rd century AD), with walls decorated by mosaics.The Minerva Temple dates from the beginning of the 3rd Century. The interior walls of this Temple are ornated with beautiful mosaics. One finds inside it various prehistoric articles (money,arms, lamps,etc.)