The Roman amphitheater of Tebessa

To visit the amphitheater, you take the street of the gate Solomon towards the aqueduct and you cross the current covered market. Towards the south, an alley leads straight to the monument. It is built in a widening of the valley next to the ruin “Zaârour”. According to a search carried out by Captain Moll in 1859, “a circular arena of 45 to 50 meters was surrounded by a mass of masonry which ended in 15 or 16 rows of stone steps and against which Were supported externally by a number of staircases leading to the squares. We noticed the existence of these two staircases. All these data have been confirmed by the association Minerve in a walk towards the year 1998 with some specialists in architecture and history. The amphitheater could gather more than seven thousand spectators, this number confirms the importance of the city and therefore the idea of ​​cultural levels at this time and shows us the gradual increase of the population. To get to the amphitheater, there are more than three entrances, but to get inside the arena excavations have discovered two entrances which consisted of two vaults juxtaposed by their location with respect to the same diameter and built in tuff , These two entries according to the studies, one for the gladiators or the victims and the other for the ferocious beasts. Most of the building has been destroyed either by time or by civilizations. At this moment he suffers in their solitude yet he can be rebuilt and revived again, and he will participate with great importance in the cultural life of our beautiful city.